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You've probably heard of the movie "The Secret", and the Law Of Attraction, as both have received mainstream attention in recent years.  I'm fascinated by the subject myself, and have read many books and ebooks, listened to many tapes and CDs, and tried many hypnosis and subliminal products over the years.  I've also picked up a bit of knowledge along the way, and invite you to get my report, The Secrets of Manifesting and Attracting.  (See below)

I'm pleased to offer, at reasonable prices, many of the Nelson Berry Subliminal Video Messages videos, that I have aquired resale rights to, and use myself.  I may suggest other products as I try them, such as the Quantum Mind Power audios, and Enoch Tan's Mind Reality membership.

What is the Law Of Attraction?

In a nutshell, the law of attraction suggests that "like attracts like", and assumes thoughts are things, with their own energy, much like a radio wave.  It's believed by many experts if we focus on positive thoughts, we attract positive experiences and events, and if we focus on negative thoughts, we attract negative experiences and events. 

Thoughts are things...

Listen to The Strangest Secret

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Subliminal Video Messages from Nelson Berry

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As a licensed reseller of many of these wonderful videos, I can offer them for personal use at great discount prices, in the digital format, ready for immediate download.

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Ocean waves & other nature sounds, & sometimes a mix of pleasant music soothe your mood, while beautiful images, laced with barely visible flashing text, complete the experience.  Try one today!

Here are some of the videos and sets available....

The Intelligent Warrior  
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Manifestation Master     (Master Manifestor)
Angelic Attraction 
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The Confident Outlook SAVE Video  
Happy Times
More titles available at the Subliminal Video Messages page

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The Secrets of Manifesting and Attracting:  What They Don't Want You To Know 

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Did you know that when negative  thoughts are taking you over, you can take control and get back on track, by feeling the emotion of gratitude?  Find something to be grateful for, and hang on to that feeling.  Then, notice small, positive changes start happening...

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