The Secrets
                                      of Manifesting and Attracting

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The Secrets of Manifesting and Attracting

What They Don't Want You to Know!

by Andrea Barnett

Chances are by now you're familiar with the law of attraction, and maybe you've even watched the movie "The Secret".  the wonderful documentary based on the principles behind the book The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles.  There is a lot of debate, for sure, among the experts and gurus as to whether the movie The Secret is helpful or not, to the average person, but at the very least, it's entertaining, and gets the mental wheels turning about the concept.

But have you ever wondered about putting these ideas into practice?  Such as how to go about manifesting and attracting the things you want in your life, like:

  • More money
  • A Better Job--not just in terms of money, but doing what you enjoy?
  • Attracting the right people and relationships?
  • The kind of good luck and opportunities that seem to just come easy for others?
Though I'm no guru, I am quite the self-help connoisseur, as evidenced by the many books, tapes, CDs, videos, and courses I've purchased and used over the years.  You don't devour this much material without noticing a thing or two, and I've been blessed with a few "ah-hah" moments that made it impossible to look at like the same afterward.   It occurred to me that perhaps I should share my findings, in a non-guru way, that ordinary people like me can understand.  But make no mistake, non of us is really ordinary, when we look at the big picture.

Please understand, I'm not claiming that I can show you how to become an overnight millionaire, or make all your problems instantly vanish.  Also, keep in mind, this is a short report, not an "all you'll ever need" guide, if such a thing exists.  I encourage you to continue reading, studying, and exploring, well beyond my guide, as learning to apply the law of attraction is a process.  But I believe if you think about the ideas presented, look for ways to apply them in your life, and try some of the exercises I suggest, you will see a difference--real changes that lead to a happier and better life.

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